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Live Nation Singapore

PayPal users get access to purchase pre-sale tickets for these selected tours before the general public on-sale

All you need is an active PayPal account!

Benefits of using PayPal to pay

World class security

We keep all your financial information securely encrypted and protected with 24/7 anti-fraud monitoring.

Faster checkout

Skip the need to enter your financial details on future purchases. We remember your payment preferences so now you can book your tickets faster than ever.

Earn rewards

We work with local and overseas banks so you can use your preferred card/s and continue earning rewards^.

^Reward schemes may differ when using PayPal. Please refer to your credit card provider for details.

Check back soon for upcoming Pre-sale Ticket opportunities for PayPal users!

Don't have a PayPal account yet?

Frequently Asked Questions

PayPal, the world’s largest online payment system, is now offering their users unparalleled pre-sale ticket access to some of the biggest shows in Singapore. All a fan needs is an active PayPal account to access the pre-sale and complete the ticket purchase process! An active PayPal account is required to purchase PayPal pre-sale tickets. Please ensure your credit/debit cards have been verified in your PayPal account.

While anyone can view the PayPal Pre-sale landing page, in order to participate in the PayPal Pre-sale, the fan must have an active PayPal account to complete the purchase for the pre-sale ticket(s). No other form of payment will be available during the PayPal Pre-sale window. 

A PayPal Pre-sale provides PayPal users with an opportunity to purchase tickets to a specific concert(s)/tour(s) or other event for a limited time before the tickets become available to the general public (i.e. public on-sale). Typically, the pre-sale period is 2-3 days prior to public on-sale, but the pre-sale period can vary.

  • Go to to Sign Up.
  • Choose Personal Account and click Next.
  • Enter your mobile, email address and create a password.
  • Click Continue.
  • Fill out the form and enter the CAPTCHA.
  • Confirm that you've read the PayPal User Agreement and click Agree and Create Account.

Verifying your PayPal account helps make PayPal even safer for everyone. By getting verified, you not only confirm ownership of your account, but will also gain more credibility with your sellers and buyers.

If your account hasn't been verified, you can choose to add and confirm your credit/debit card:

Confirm your credit/debit card: we’ll charge your card 3 SGD to send you a 4-digit PayPal code. You’ll need to check your card statement for the code and enter it on your PayPal account. The charge will be refunded to your card after you've confirmed the card. The refund may take up to 30 days to appear on your card statement.

After your account has been verified, you will be able to participate in a PayPal Pre-sale event. For immediate use of PayPal Pre-sale access, please add your credit or debit card as your primary funding instrument.

PayPal Pre-sale tickets will be available for select tours exclusively for PayPal users before the general public on-sale. Check the specific tour information for the official timeline where the PayPal Pre-sale dates will be listed. 

Just visit frequently to view new offers.

There is no sign up or special login to access PayPal Pre-sale tickets. You will just need to use your PayPal account to purchase tickets for any PayPal Pre-sale event.

There is no passcode to purchase PayPal Pre-sale tickets. If you click on an event purchase link on the PayPal Pre-sale landing page, you will be taken to to go through the ticket selection and purchase process. You must complete your purchase using your PayPal account. No other form of payment will be available during the PayPal Pre-sale window.

There is no fee to access PayPal Pre-sales. PayPal Pre-sales are a benefit available to PayPal users. Please note that if you purchase tickets to any of the events or experiences there may be a fee associated with your ticket purchase charged by the ticketing agency. 

PayPal does not charge you a fee for purchasing tickets. However, the ticketing agency that processes your ticket purchase may charge standard processing and/or shipping & handling fees.

Booking fee per show may vary by event and venue. Please carefully read the details of the show to obtain this information.

All tickets are priced in SGD.

Ticket limits per show vary by event and venue. Please carefully read the details of the offer to obtain this information.

You are able to select for your preferred category and section (subject to availability) for all events. The ticketing system will allocate the next available seats at your point of transaction to accelerate the booking process.

In most cases, you will be notified through the point of purchase if your event has been postponed or rescheduled. Unless otherwise noted, your tickets will be valid at the new event date.

You will be notified through the point of purchase if your event has been cancelled. For purchased events, in most cases, you will be automatically refunded to your PayPal account. Please see the cancellation policy for your event for specific details. 

Have other queries on setting up your PayPal account? Click here to reach Help Centre.

Terms & Conditions

A user must have an active PayPal account in order to participate in the PayPal pre-sale. A user needs to ensure their credit/debit cards have been verified in the PayPal account.

PayPal pre-sale tickets must be purchased by using a PayPal account. This will be the only form of payment available during the PayPal pre-sale window.

Standard service charges apply.

Tickets are subject to availability.

Ticket limit per purchase will be determined by tour.