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    Ekin Cheng, Hong Kong born singer-actor, made his official debut in 1986 through a singing competition “TVB International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship”, a competition hosted by Hong Kong leading Television “TVB” & “Capital Artists Music Limited”. He first released his debut album “Don’t Cry” in 1991 and rose to fame with his third album “On Stage” lead single ‘Only Love You in a Lifetime” along with his wavy long-hair look which sets him apart from all the singers back then.

    After his successful debut, he moved on to take on movie roles and due to his wavy long hair, he took up many comics turned movie productions. Among all the movies, he’s most well-known for his lead-role as ‘Chan Ho-Nam” in Hong Kong film series ‘The Young and Dangerous” which is about a group of triad young members, detailing their adventures, dangers and growth back in the 1990s Hong Kong triad society. “Young and Dangerous” was a massive hit and propelled the cast to instant fame, Ekin Cheng subsequently moved on to make ‘The Storm Riders” which was the highest-grossing Hong Kong movie at that time and the first film to use a large number of special effects.

    At his golden era during the ‘Young and Dangerous” period, Ekin Cheng also sang the theme song “Age of Friendship” as well as “Willing to Replace You” which is also one of the leading soundtracks in the movie sequels, those of which are his most-acclaimed tracks till now. 


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